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Mickey D Tweaks Burgers, Raises Prices, Gets Bopped in the Nose, Wine Hopes to Hit it Out of The Park, KFC Nuggets, An Over flowing Half a Glass and More! in this edition of Woody’s Whine

Writing from the edge of the Russian River in Sonoma County McDonald’s is ready to debut what it’s calling its “best burgers ever”. So does that mean that the burgers we’ve been buying are O.K. but in fact not the best; I’ve always wondered? Well…

A Master Class, Lots of Good Bites, Wine & Music, Bubbling Up with Rack & Riddle, Half a Glass and More in This Edition of Woody’s Whine

Writing from the edge of the Russian River in Sonoma County A Masters Class on Matching at Kendall Jackson It was a beautiful sunny weekend between rainy days for this year’s California Artisan Cheese Festival and the tasting team took full advantage of being outdoors….

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Wine Reviews // Tasty and reasonably priced reviews

How I’m Buying Wine These Days at a Great Discount

Writing from the edge of the Russian River in Sonoma County I’ll get to discounted wine in a minute but thought I’d let you know I’ll also be sharing info on food friendly wines; Popeyes a year later; how Trumps bad tariffs are killing wine…

Bordeaux You Could Actually Buy

Research tells me that the second label bottles of many Bordeaux wines – that’s what doesn’t fit in the first blend of major Chateaus, will be outstanding and probably at very good prices, a reflection of the old saw, “a rising tide lifts all boats”…..

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Woody's Recipes // Great meals to go with great wines

Smashed Burger with Sweet and Red Onion, Bacon, American & Cheddar Cheese

Start by prep the bacon: Figure 3 oz. uncooked bacon per pound. Cut the bacon into lardons and then cook bacon in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat until lightly browned in spots but still pink (do not cook until crispy), about 5 minutes….

Salmon Fillet Marinated in Olive Oil, Tarragon/Dill & Shallot

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Latest Podcasts // Audio from interviews with the industry greats

podcast post

Our most recent wine adventure was a week long visit to the Willamette Valley wine country of western Oregon, what a remarkable area and what spectacular wines. It was the first week of October and the weather was terrific, sunny, warm and windy – they…

Michael Chiarello

Chef and Retailer Michael Chiarello

As I travel and taste I always have my recorder and camera with me and I share those interviews with you at What Goes With What. We met at a wine tasting event in Chicago and on a trip to Napa and Sonoma I had an opportunity…

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