Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve lost my member password. How do I find out my username and password?

You can have your username and password e-mailed to you by clicking here and entering your e-mail address into the form provided.

I can’t find the wines that you are suggesting. Where should I Look?

I am now based in Santa Rosa in Sonoma, a much smaller market, after spending most of my life in and around Chicago which is blessed with a large number of competitive wine and spirits outlets and tasting opportunities. I try to make my selections as broad as possible but I can’t guarantee you’ll find the bottle in your market (city).
Your best bet is to establish a relationship with a wine manager in your local shop. Simply ask if they can help you locate the bottle or something close to it. If you are a regular in the store you will find that this contact will pay dividends over time. My wine matching suggestions are simply guides as in many cases the Cabernet he/she suggests may even be better than the one I suggested.


Second, go to the winery website that is listed with the bottle information and search around in the headings areas, they often list distributors for their products. If you find a distributor in your area offer that information to your wine shop and see if they’ll get it for you.

I have a recipe that I’d like to match a wine with will you do it for me?

Well yes and no. If you send me the entire recipe at Woodywine@aol.com I’ll do my best to get an answer to you in a reasonable amount of time but I probably will take a few days to do it. If I feel the recipe would appeal to the other WGWW members, I might even incorporate it into a monthly menu.

I’m having trouble with a recipe that I’m making, can I contact you for more help?

Assuming you’re not writing as you cook, I’ll do what I can to help out but reference the similar question above, it probably won’t be in real time.