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“Work simple, true and sincere”, French Chef Alain Chapel

Bacon bleu cheeseburgers with Merlot, seven kinds of meatballs with seven different wines, smoked salmon spread with rosé sparkling, cheese puff pastry with Chardonnay – hungry, thirsty?

What Goes With What custom catering will satisfy all of your food and wine desires. I offer you custom chef services for your backyard barbecue, a graduation, rehearsal dinner, a simple brown bag wine tasting or an event for 250 people as you celebrate, entertain, or simply enjoy good, fresh food and the wines that compliment the meal.

Roast turkey with bacon and sage let’s drink Pinot Noir, polenta with blue cheese and mushrooms how about Syrah, prime rib roasted with 14 herbs and bacon and a nice Cab

Considering that I eat and drink with my head and my heart (some may refer to that as a gourmand, a glutton with brains) and enjoy passing along what I have discovered and what I think you will enjoy. I offer you my experience and knowledge as a chef and wine consultant combining two of my life’s great interests. It is my hope to provide clients with food and drink that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Pasta with ham and peas and a lovely Gavi, never enough garlic bread with anything, chef made breakfast sausage with eggs and a light sparkler, classic country pate and a crisp rosé

Providing you with truly custom catering means there is no set menu and offers you the ability to go in most any direction as my cooking style is fairly straightforward and gets you to the bottom line of tasting good real fast. I do my best to use the freshest and best food possible acquired from local providers, wholesalers, bakers, cheese purveyors and pastry shops.

Really good meat loaf with creamy onion gravy with a nice Zinfandel, scallops grilled with a Parmesan crust and an aged Chardonnay, turkey stuffing with Italian bread, bacon, sausage, celery & sage and earthy Pinot Noir…

And what can you expect to pay for all of this wonderfulness? My business model is quite simple. I bill you for any products or services purchased for the creation of your meal or event at what those items cost me, the best prices I can get. I bill you for my time; acquisition of food/wine and service products, the time to cook, and the time to deliver or present, very reasonable.

My only question is…what do you want to eat and drink?
I would be most pleased to discuss menus and services at 773-428-6047 or at


All of my vendors are located in Santa Rosa and I use as many locally owned ones as I can. Being new to the market I’m still learning who has what products at the best prices and that the cost of food at retail and wholesale is quite different from Chicago, for example I recently purchased ground beef and bacon from a meat wholesaler and they were both the same price per pound, really – not what I’m used to.

My point is that whatever products I purchase to produce your menu will be the best I can get and at the best price I can get them at, which means a bit more time and trouble for me but it serves you well in the long run.

My menus are truly customized to your taste and frankly your budget.

  • I enjoy offering the tastes and flavors usually found in larger cuts of meats and poultry.
  • I cook whole roasts for the flavor profile and then serve them in a smaller sliced or “mini” format, smaller bun or with say garlic bread on the side.
  • I don’t have a fixed menu so let’s talk about what you like or what you think your guests will like.
  • I bet I have an item or two in my recipe box that will work – a bit more thinking on your part but a lot cooler than “one from column A and two from column B”.

I am as green as possible in a challenging throw away industry

I use recyclable, plastic service wear, cups, glass, bamboo picks and paper products made from recyclable materials or that are recyclable. All bottles and cans and as much paper as possible used for food prep is also recycled.

Let’s eat and drink something now!

Questions or comments?

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