It’s tough to call a recipe “The Best” because food evolves and ingredients change.

I think these recipes are good because I like them, they taste good and go well with wine so I’m going to call them:

The WGWW Really Likable, Tasty and Wine Friendly Recipes Collection

The What Goes With What icon lets you know that a recipe has wine selections researched, uncorked and tasted not only by “Woody the Wine Guy”but members of our tasting panel. Click on the WGWW logo to view Woody’s selections that go well with your recipe choices.

Woody's Recipes

Mortadella and Fontina Calzone Pie

Pairing – I liked a light Merlot or Pinot Noir with the meat and a hint of mustard

French Onion Bites with Port Onion Jam from Pedroncelli Winery

Other uses for the jam:  The Port/Onion Jam also goes great as “condiment” on steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs or sausages and even as a standalone side dish  Pair with 

Fresh Basil Pesto from La Crema Winery

Author: Megan Flynn Peterson Wine: Serve with 

Bittersweet Chocolate Tart

The best match for the tart is your partner’s eyes, shining happily, pretty good huh. Try Madeira with some caramelly flavor and bit of a grip. Port would also be right on.

Beef Tenderloin in a Salt Crust

Mix mayo and Grey Poupon in a two to one ratio and a touch of celery salt or seed and you’ll have a lovely sauce for the beef and for the chilled shrimp or crab that you may decide to serve alongside, both with dry…

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Spread

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