The Best Gets Beery

Loyal readers will remember a recent Woody’s Whine that rated Italian beef sandwiches in our northwest part of the city and if you were paying attention you’ll remember that Buona Beef was the tasty winner. Well recently they went one better and did a beer matching with their beef and some other full service menu items.

beer-1 They greeted us with a Two Brothers Brewing Company Dortmunder, small bubbles and light in style but fully flavored, “…so you can drink a lot of it”, according to the Two Brothers (TB) beer rep. Quite nice and I don’t think I’ve ever had it before.

TB by the way is a west suburban brewer that’s been around for a number of years and took over the Round House restaurant in Aurora after the passing of Walter Payton who was the original owner, neat place, especially if you like trains.

beer-2Biggest discovery of the night was a pizza with Buona beef and giardinera matched with a double IPA which I have come to discover means that there are a lot more hops and more alcohol in the beer but not really double… you Google it, the description goes on for three paragraphs. Anyway the heavy hops take’s care of the big spicy, quite interesting and tasty.

And for the beef sandwich, almost strangely, the match is a their everyday Domaine DuPage (as in county) that they describe as a French county beer, just a nice, mild but rich flavored beer, similar to a French wine Vin du Table or Vin Ordinary, see I got a wine reference in there just for goodness sake.

beer-3Do note that not every Buona has a full menu nor a liquor license like in the Beverly neighborhood where someone forgot to check to see what side of the street they should build on and the ended up in a dry precinct, oops.

Stay hungry and thirsty my friends