The DMK Burger

DMK-BurgerMost locations take the fast food concept and spin it up smartly to an adult level with semi or full table service and in most cases some sort of beer and wine or even a full bar. We’ve sampled Meatheads and Smash Burger and find both really good but the nod goes to Smash Burger, great burger flavor and terrific fries.

Our most recent try was DMK Burger Bar where I enjoyed The Patty Melt with Smoked Bacon, Charred Balsamic Red Onion, Leroy’s Remoulade, Smoked Swiss on Griddled Rye ($10) for a 5 oz. patty(what seems to be the perfect size, ones plenty and two would be obscene. Burger was well-made, perfectly cooked with a touch of pink and tasty but not outstanding, maybe too many flavors. The Sea Salt and Pepper fries cooked in beef fat, ($3) were just OK. The location in Oak Brook has an odd sort of industrial vibe with slippery concrete floors. We’ll eat on.