The Future of Wine-by-the-Glass

mawbyOn our recent trip to Traverse City MI. we happened into a local establishment and were pleased to find Mawby sparkling by-the-glass on the drinks list, but were shocked and amazed to see our server pour it from a tapper in the wall next to the beer lines.

That experience caused us to return to the source and see for ourselves how that moment came to be. Larry showed us an almost weightless plastic container that holds a sealed bag for the wine, sparkling or other wise and keeps it fresh. I’m aware of the use of “kegs” for especially house wines but was really surprised at there use for sparkling. Obvious benefit is less cost for shipping as the weight of a keg is minimal compared to glass bottles, less handling and storage at the retail site that hopefully keeps costs down and this keg at least is recyclable and does not get returned. “A draft Dom Perignon please.” maybe not.

bel-lagioAs part of our trip we stopped in to see Blake Lougheed, winemaker at Bel Lago winery in Cedar MI. where we spent over an hour tasting his entire portfolio from bottle and from barrel.  The Bel Lago wines have a distinctive flavor and style and are handled in such a way that I told Blake they don’t taste like Michigan wines. He says it’s because they are in control of every piece of property and every grape they harvest. His Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio blend is quite good and his Pinot Noirs are exceptional for such a short growing season. I can’t guarantee barrel samples but if you’re in the area please make an effort to stop by and taste.