What Goes with What

What Goes With What’s regular monthly edition

What Goes With What’s regular monthly edition features four kitchen tested, main course recipes with all ingredients, cooking instruction and techniques. The holidays are special, so I do full menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and full wine matching with recipes.

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Simply find the membership link, click on it and you’ll find recipes, prep and cooking directions, as well as my thoughts and advice and of course matching wines to make your meal a complete success.


This Goes with That...

Two Simple Recipes With A Similar Cooking Style

Simple Pan-fried Chicken Breasts with Mushroom-Chardonnay Sauce – Serves 4 Here are two recipes that use the saute method of cooking and provide a pan sauce using a mixture of mushrooms to create a simple yet flavorful dish. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30…

Special Edition – Champagnes and Sparkling Wine for the New Year

New Year’s Eve is the best reason to drink Champagne/sparkling wine throughout the day or meal or whenever. There are many fine French Champagnes beside the Moets and Veuve Clicquots; in fact we don’t much care for this year’s version of Veuve. Champagne/sparklers are ready…


What Goes with What for T-Day There is only one reason for the month of November – to host Thanksgiving Day. When we remember our forefathers, give thanks for all kinds of things, a day of cornucopia – oh hell it’s a day of gluttony….

New Years Eve

WGWW – New Years Eve Crown Roast of Pork with Sausage & Bread Stuffing The food and drink you enjoy on this evening is really a major component to making New Years special. I’ve provided you with a meal that really isn’t difficult just a…

Valentines Special

WGWW – Valentines Special I believe that cooking for someone is an act of love and it worked for me as a single man and really still does after 21 years of marriage but I digress. Steak Diane is not something you’ll do every night…