Woody’s Whine

Call it a blog if you will, but my occasional whine will address most anything that I see or hear as it relates to food, wine, cooking, restaurants, food production and generally goofing around with that kind of stuff.

A lot of information comes across my screen, through my front door and literally into my hands from many different sources and often I’m inspired to respond to it and share those thoughts with you. I don’t claim everything I tell you will be the best or the worst but hopefully will inform and entertain. I’m not really looking for requests but will be happy to address issues that you might suggest and of course that I might be interested if you want to take a chance and of course – I could be wrong.
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Everything that I offer, whether it be custom catering, wine events, or cooking and wine tasting classes is customized to exactly what you want. As a result, I don’t offer a set menu, just a long list of what I will cook for you, or what kinds of wines I think you would enjoy drinking.

I will be most happy to talk with you about creating a menu, creating an event or class that will meet your needs or wants. Your food and wine happiness is a call or click away.

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Woody's Whine

So Many Vines, So Little Time

Writing from the edge of the Russian River in Sonoma It only feels like a couple of weeks but as I write this it’s been six months exactly since Peg and I left Galewood (12/12) and drove across country in two cars with a cat…

Even One for Uncle Joe

  My column is usually calendar challenged – as I am trying to present food and wine thoughts far in advance of when you will actually see them, making the relevance often more than a bit difficult, but the moon and stars have aligned. You…

Three to Fall For

A recent “Crain’s Chicago Business” article says that you all are taking advantage of falling grocery store prices for beef, chicken, eggs, milk and cheese. Heck I got two-for-one large eggs at Caputo’s the other day, remember last year when eggs were $4/dozen. As result…

Where’s Da Beef?

Da Beef So over the past several issues I’ve offered you my take on popular quick service burgers – MacDonald’s was an easy choice. Sometime later we took it up a step to more serious burger restaurants and Scratch Kitchen was also an easy winner….

Another Round in Burger World

Hopefully you’ll recall that I offered you my thoughts on the basic burger last year when we did a taste test of the three most popular quick service restaurants sampling Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s. Our biggest challenge was literally trying to find the same…

He Really Grew Up in It

Dan Zepponi is not what he appears to be – and you’d never guess who he really is. He arrives about 30 minutes late for our interview last October due to a “business meeting” running a bit long, not a problem as my wife and…

Sips and Tips

Information regards food and wine flies by me at a sometimes overwhelming rate throughout the day and night, seven days a week. Some of it I snatch down, some of it I review and move on and a lot of it just goes away. I…

Two Wines and Three Burgers

In this edition I bring you my thoughts on a trio of events with a trio of tastes embedded as I report on two wine tastings and do a burger review to save you the time and trouble and as an extra added attraction comment…

Oh, it’s Burgundy, I could never know about Burgundy

I’m going to be frank with you at the outset, if you really, really only drink wine that costs less than $10 a bottle and don’t want to learn anything new today turn the page now and I’ll look for you the next time. Okay…

Looking at Wine From More Than Three Views

As you know I spend a considerable amount of time and energy following all aspects of the food and wine industry tasting, sampling and visiting with folks in the know so that you will know too and this edition of my “Whine” is no exception….