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Our most recent wine adventure was a week long visit to the Willamette Valley wine country of western Oregon, what a remarkable area and what spectacular wines. It was the first week of October and the weather was terrific, sunny, warm and windy – they claim it was suppose to be raining. Grapes were ready to pick but most vineyards were going to wait another week and they got away with it to what will be everyone’s benefit.

Of course I did interviews and I hope to have some posted soon but until then he’s some thoughts on the vintage from some key wine makers.

Steve Girard of Benton Lane said, “It will be a vintage made of the winemaker and not the vineyard as higher sugar levels will make it important to maximize the flavor and richness components. Like everything in life, those who endeavor to invest the effort will get the rewards.”

Steve Girard










Sam Tannahill of A to Z/Rex Hill vineyards, “The 2012 vintage in Oregon has been tremendous. The quality of the fruit has been high, with great brix levels (sugar that makes alcohol) and nice acid content yielding beautifully dark and rich wines with more freshness shows another vintage for the record books!”