Ham Baked With Honey And Walnuts

Ham Baked With Honey And Walnuts
Serves 8-10 as main and 25 as buffet item

You know I’m all about flavor and while I’m almost embarrassed about how simple this recipe is it’s so tasty if you cut the ham into small cubes (good for a buffet item), you’ll eat it like popcorn.


You’ll Need:

Cooking time: 3 hours, 10 minutes resting
Yield: 8-10 servings as meat course, 25 as buffet item


A 10-12 lb. cooked, boneless, smoked ham (I have had great success with the Kretchmar brand which is available nationally)
1 12 oz. jar of honey, in a squeeze container if possible
1 cup of finely chopped walnuts


Here’s What To Do:

Make sure to line your roasting pan with foil or use a disposable aluminum one, sticky, sticky.

First decide if you’ll bake the ham in the oven or on the grill (hmmmm), both are fine but the grill adds even more smoke and flavor.

Preheat the oven to 325 or gas grill or start your charcoal and prepare for an indirect cooking area with coals on both sides but not under the pan.

In the sink, remove the wrapper from the ham and rise off any juices, pat the ham dry with paper towels. The Kretchmar ham will not have much fat but if your brand as more than a quarter inch trim it away with a sharp knife. Place in the roasting pan and then into the oven or grill and bake for two hours.

After two hours remove the ham from the oven and place on a work surface. Using a sharp knife, cut a diamond pattern in as much of the top surface of the ham as you can, this will help hold the honey. Start at one end and cover the ham with half of the honey (this is where the squeeze bottle comes in) then sprinkle with half the walnuts and cover them with the remainder of the honey. I suggest favoring the center because the honey will have a tendency to run to the sides as it heats.

Back into the oven now for another hour until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees (good opportunity for your remote thermometer). Let the ham rests for 10 minutes before carving. Save the ends for yourself.
If you are using this as a buffet item cut the ham in thicker slices than if you were serving as a main dish and then into cubes, place in a chaffing dish and cover with any pan juices.


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Ham Baked With Honey And Walnuts