Wusthoff 5” Trident classic serrated knife

Our two serrated utility knives had seen better days so when we took them in to get sharpened one last time by our knife man Dylan at his Sonoma Cutlery store in Santa Rosa he offered an alternative which is what a good sales man should do.

He handed me one me a Wusthoff 5” Trident classic serrated knife and I got a big smile on my face as the knife has the feel and heft of a good tool with all of the business necessary of a great knife.

I don’t really want to start promoting products but when I come across something that is this good and helpful I’m going to pass it along.

I have found this knife to be good to go with almost every kitchen job and if you don’t like using a large chef’s knife to cut two pieces of celery or half an onion or slice a piece of beef such as in the photo, then this is what you want and Peggy loves it too, as it’s got the feel of a big knife without the size.

Wusthoff is a well-known German manufacturer and they stand behind their products and I will tell you that the knife lists for $110 but you won’t need another one for a long time and oh I know this sound like a commercial but I paid for my knives and no one asked me to do this, it’s just a good product and I wanted to share it with you.

If you’re in Sonoma County you can find the knives at the Sonoma Cutlery stores in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, Dylan owns the Santa Rosa store and it’s worth going in just to see the unbelievable wall of knives and tell him I said “hi”. In the Chicago area make a trip out to Northwest Cutlery now out on Higgins Road at Harlem up in the Norwood Park area, (they were on Lake Street @ Halsted for over 50 years) you can see them sharpening knives right I front of you. Don’t remember their names but if you see a guy with short dark hair and glasses ask him if he remembers me, you never know. And of course the knives are on line but if you can touch one in a store, you’ll be sold, and bring your knives in to get sharpened, cause you know they need it.


Wusthoff 5” Trident classic serrated knife