About Us

What Goes With What (WGWW) started out as a question, but has evolved into a declarative statement.

More than 20 years ago a good friend was teaching a wine tasting class at a community college and asked me if I would do some Thanksgiving meal items to help answer the most asked question, “…what wines go with Thanksgiving dinner?”   We eventually hosted our own series of classes that featured different types and styles of food and wines to both match and not match as part of the learning process, but we always included Thanksgiving dinner no matter what time of year just to make the point.


WGWW started as a question, but as a marketing guy, I saw another perspective and turned it to a declarative phrase that invokes knowledge, advice and information allowing you to discover exactly what does go with what.

I’m a down-to-earth, straight ahead, practical person who loves to share with you what I know and learn about everyday.  I offer you good, solid, delicious menu items and wines that I find tasty to drink with them.

My wine philosophy is simple – most of us don’t drink wine that costs over $25 or $30 a bottle on a daily basis, so why should I review and offer that kind of information.  What I share with you are the best wines I’m tasting in say an $8 to $20 range – there’s a lot of wine out there at that price level.

The recipes I offer you won’t just be a list of ingredients and instructions,  I’ll include my thoughts and comments about how it all works and what makes it easier.

Woody’s Whine is my random thought process about the wine and food industry and I hope it offers you some insight and a smile  regards the food and wine industry.  I hope you find this fun and exciting and I know you’ll eat and drink well. Please feel free to let me know what you think or what I might “whine” about.

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