It’s tough to call a recipe “The Best” because food evolves and ingredients change.

I think these recipes are good because I like them, they taste good and go well with wine so I’m going to call them:

The WGWW Really Likable, Tasty and Wine Friendly Recipes Collection

The What Goes With What icon lets you know that a recipe has wine selections researched, uncorked and tasted not only by “Woody the Wine Guy”but members of our tasting panel. Click on the WGWW logo to view Woody’s selections that go well with your recipe choices.

Woody's Recipes

Baked Feta Bites

Costco Mac and Cheese

Shake Shack Chicken Sliders

Creates approx. 18 2oz. sandwiches

Chicken and Turkey Burgers Brined with English Cheddar and Lemon Aioli

Suggested Pairing  Light, crisp pilsner.

Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto

Smash Burger Secret Sauce

Production note – use a reusable squeeze container for the sauce as it goes much faster

Smashed Burger with Sweet and Red Onion, Bacon, American & Cheddar Cheese

You will need:  Griddle or large non-stick skillet A large, heavy spatula or meat press as burgers will stick to a slotted spatula

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