What Goes With What FAQ

Common Questions Concerning Our Catering Service

Do you specialize in certain types of food or service?

Yes, tasty! I offer custom catering with or without matching wines so the menu is truly designed for your tastes and what you want to serve to your guests.

Can we arrange for a tasting of the specific foods/wines we are interested in prior to hiring?

Yes, depending on the items requested

What is your average price range?

Depending on the menu, (how many shrimp, beef or chicken?) a range of $8 -$15/pp for food costs would seem reasonable.

Do you have a printed price sheet for food selections?

Since I provide custom catering and each item is priced individually. I do not have a set menu price sheet but will provide you with a quotation after our consultation.

Will you provide silverware, salt/pepper shakers, linens and what about a gratuity? Who would we be responsible for renting any equipment or will you take care of any rentals?

I use a simple business model; anything I buy for you is what it costs you, I charge you for the time it takes to get it fix it and serve it. I provide food service on high-quality paper or plastic items as part of my pricing. I’m happy to help you with any and all aspects of an event. Liens, tables, chairs and so forth would be rented and billed to you in addition to the cost of time it takes me to arrange and execute the cost of the rental, I also have a fine florist if you’re interested; gratuity would be up to you and is not included in my pricing.

Who is the main contact?

I am the only contact and will be at and running your event

Will you be working any other events that day or that weekend?

Depending on the size of your event it will be the only focus of myself and my staff for that day and the week proceeding

Will you provide wait staff? What will they wear?

Most of my events I can handle by myself but larger events do require staff to cook, deliver and serve. I will provide all staff that is required to perform cooking and service functions. They wear white tops and black slacks but I’m open to your input.

Can you prepare gluten free and dairy free items for those individuals with special needs? What will be the cost for this provision?

Depending on the number or amount of meals it will be priced as to what it costs.

Do you work with fresh (not frozen food)?

Please consider that some food items are only available frozen, some seafood and turkey breasts come to mind. I source everything else from locate purveyors such as meat and bakery items.

Do you have a health license?

I am certified as a California Food Handler and also by the national ServSafe® program.

What is the cost of your wine service is there a corkage fee? What type of wine list do you have?

Wine costs are covered as a total purchase; whatever the wine costs me is what you pay plus normal acquisition and delivery, no better deal anywhere. I would consult with you on food and wine matching and have you sample all wine to provide you the best wine at the least cost that compliments your meal and would be enjoyed by everyone, no Yellow Tail!

How will I be billed and how do you accept payment?

Once we have agreed on what type of an event and a menu, with or without wine, I will submit an estimate cost proposal and a hold harmless agreement for your review and approval. Once we have agreed on and signed a proposal I will request a guaranteed number of attendees and a down payment for the estimated cost of food and/or wine at least seven days in advance of the event.

I will e-mail you an invoice for the amount to be paid by either direct deposit check or through my PayPal (fee charged to client) accounts if you choose to use a credit card. I will submit an invoice within 24 hours following the event for the total balance of actual market costs and labor, to be paid within five business days of the event again by direct deposit check or through my PayPal account (fee charged to client).