Side Dishes

House Made Salad Crotons

I make salad crotons in place of the pebbles that you get from a store and I use fresh bread and some spices, it’s pretty simple and you’ll love the flavor. So what you’ll now read is more of some general instructions than a real…

Mamas Jiffy Corn Casserole

Recommended wine pairing: J. Rickards Sauvignon Blanc

The Best Potato Mushroom Gratin

This is not your everyday scalloped potato dish. You layer the potatoes in along with salt and pepper Parm cheese and the whipping cream. You bake that off and then top with mushrooms more cheese and more whipping cream. You really do want to make…

American Macaroni Salad

Recipe courtesy of Food Network Kitchen

Dirty Rice from Quarto Restaurant Maui

We enjoined this rice as a side dish with the most excellent fish I’ve ever had at a small restaurant in a strip mall. Our waiter scribbled the ingredient list on a napkin and I’ve done what I can to arrive at the right proportions…

Soup French Style with Three Kinds of Onions

The soup gets better after a day so consider making in advance and do your best to use all three colors of onions. Wine match – Beaujolais, a light Pinot Noir or even this cab will work well with the soup Pedroncelli, 2015 Three Vineyards…