Poultry Dishes

Chicken Parmigiana

Pair with a nice Chianti or fruity Zinfandel

Como Inn Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken or Shrimp Salad Woody’s Version

For shrimp salad, substitute 3 pounds cooked shrimp for chicken. Reduce mayonnaise to 1½ cups and salt to 1/4 teaspoon. Proceed with recipe as directed.

Thanksgiving Flavored Turkey Slider with Cranberry Mayo

Note: use a food processor to finely chop the onion and celery and then the mushrooms separately. Not a bad idea to give the dry stuffing mix a few turns to break it up into smaller pieces. 

Coq Au Vin, Chicken Stewed in Red Wine

In a large skillet, bring the wine to a boil over high heat. Woody’s Note: you’re trying to burn off some of the alcohol so simply reduce it for a minute or two on high boil. Remove the skillet from the heat, turn your exhaust fan to high and being careful, use a long match or fireplace lighter and try to ignite the wine at the edge of the pan. If it doesn’t light continue reducing and try again. When the flames subside, whisk in the tomato paste.